Just a quick note to outline some of the expected HR updates for 2019.




  • April, 2019 – Any termination payments over the sum of £30,000 will be subject to employers NIC.



  • National Minimum Wages for sleep-ins – Individuals who have sleep in shifts ( i.e. nurses, care workers etc), will not be entitled to minimum wage for the time spent asleep ( A precedent has been set for this at a court of appeal this year, however, an appeal is currently in place)


  • Gender Pay Gap Reporting – For employers with over 250 employees, the pay gap reporting will be required again on 4th April, 2019.


  • A new law will come into force in 2019 that also means that CEO’s with staff of over 250 will also have to publish their executive pay gap.


  • European Workers currently living in the UK will be able to apply for settled status in 2019, allowing them to remain indefinitely in the UK following the end of the Brexit transition ( must be able to prove they have been living here for 5 years by date of application)



Think that’s all for now !

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